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What a fabulous music teacher Trebellina is!! She and her crew deliver a spectacularly charming and entertaining series of lessons on musical instruments, pitches and notes perfectly crafted for the younger set. Kids will hear Mozart, Beethoven and Pachelbel right alongside very upbeat dance tunes. I think the Old MacDonald scene with the toy animals is hugely fun, as is the entire DVD. Kids and adults alike want to watch this over and over again, thoroughly enjoying themselves and learning about music at the same time. Bravo!! Bravo!!! Bravo!!!

Micah Levy, Composer, Edgewater, Maryland

I think the Trebellina [DVD] was great. My 23-month-old daughter loves to watch it every day and she has picked up the sounds and the music. She has also learned to identify the musical instruments. Itís worth a buy if you want to introduce basic music to children. The staff of Trebellina did a wonderful job to ensure I could purchase from overseas in a short span of time.

Customer feedback

I was Amazed at how easy it was to learn different notes and how easily "glued" to the TV my son was when watching the Trebellina DVD. I am very happy that we purchased this and we think it will be an ideal way for our son to learn music. Hooray for Trebellina!!

Jason Keehr

Trebellina is strikingly original and richly energetic! My two sons 2 1/2 years and 6 months absolutely adore this captivating and unique DVD. The content of Trebellina is not purely entertainment for children but is intellectually stimulating as well. My older son enjoys being able to identify and relate to the various musical instruments. Further, he actually repeats the tones in correct pitch when Trebellina sings the individual musical notes. My son dances from the minute Trebellina comes on until the very end! Every young child has an affinity towards music. However, no other DVD will enrich and expand upon their interest and talents as Trebellina does. Lastly, the length of the DVD is perfect Ė it holds both my childrenís attention the entire length of production.

As a mother, I would highly recommend this DVD to anyone! I also believe it would be a very useful tool for music teachers as well.

Thank you for producing such a wonderful DVD and caring so much about our children!

Laura Z. R., Huntington, New York

Upon observing my granddaughter Adelaide (14 months) watching Trebellina, I could only think what a perfect gift this DVD was. She was completely enthralled with it, swaying back and forth to the music. Unlike other programs, this one kept her attention. The next thing they need is a piano, which they will be getting in the summer. Trebellina is a great program to introduce little ones to music!

Gisela Borowsky (Adelaideís grandma)

DVD's for pre-pre-school aged children must capture the attention of their audience and manage to hold on, despite the fact that there are always distractions when a child is in his or her own home. Trebellina accomplishes this feat by utilizing vibrant colors and bright, up tempo music that grabs hold from the start and keeps delivering the goods. Children were captivated by the characters and their energy, while parents noted the excellent use of animation to teach music basics.

National Parenting Center

Excellent resource to help children learn music. We bought this DVD for our two year old daughter and it's been incredible. She's learned to identify instruments, notes, and tones. It seemed pretty basic for me and at first, but I saw how much she was learning very quickly. It's so good that I'll be getting other copies to give as gifts to friends with children.

S. Granger

My 16 month old daughter received this DVD for Christmas (a few days ago) and already LOVES it. She brings the case to me everyday for me to play. Also, she has already started to repeat the musical notes. This DVD is great. Not only does it teach music but it also teaches numbers and letters too. My only suggestion is to make more DVDs like this. I give this DVD an "A+++"

Nicole B.

As a professional musician, music educator, and mother, I thought I had seen every available music-teaching tool for young children. Then I discovered Trebellina. Frankly, I didnít expect to be impressed, but as I watched and listened, I realized that, while the other programs I was familiar with taught kids only a fraction of what they need to know about music, Trebellina had it all!

Viewing Trebellina, your children will become familiar with musical instruments by seeing and hearing them. They will absorb facts from music history, and learn to recognize all the basic musical symbols. As an added bonus, Trebellina links music with early literacy by presenting the letters of the musical alphabet. Most importantly, however, children will learn to associate the sound of a given note with its actual key on the piano, and with the noteís letter name, as a jumpstart to acquiring the special type of tonal memory known as perfect pitch. And all of this learning happens while the children are fascinated by Trebellina as a fun-to-watch cartoon. The toughest critic of allómy two year old son, Kyleówas captivated by Trebellina from beginning to end, and insisted that we watch it again and again. And parents, donít worry! Like all the best in childrenís education and entertainment, Trebellina is appealing to adults, as well.

The most impressive aspect of Trebellina from a music education perspective is that, unlike other music-learning videos for young children, it does not assume that the children have a limited capacity to grasp information. Of course some children will get more from the DVD than others, and parents can help greatly by reinforcing the concepts being presented. Children who watch Trebellina on a regular basis will come away with a solid foundation for further music education, whether as an instrumentalist, singer, or simply an enthusiastic music listener/learner.

Music is the greatest gift we can offer our children. And with attractive animation, impeccable sound quality, and Trebellina herself as a kid-friendly, treble clef-shaped host, this DVD is a priceless addition to every childís early music education.

Carolyn Clark